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The City

Alghero is located in the north-west of the Italian island of Sardinia, within the Gulf of Alghero.

The city’s boundaries extend well into the flatlands of the Nurra. At the city’s western edge, you cannot fail to be struck by the carbonate formations of the karst system of Capo Caccia, Punta Giglio and Monte Doglia. To the south, the territory is constituted mainly by the vulcanitic rocks of the reliefs that form the immense plateau of Villanova Monteleone and Bosa. Various watercourses run downwards from Bosa, crossing the fertile plain. These have enabled the presence of human communities since time immemorial. The city is surrounded for miles in every direction by dense olive groves and vineyards, and at one time the fruits of these fields constituted the mainstay of the local economy.

The Climate 

The warm- temperate, sub-tropical climate features long, dry summers and mild, damp winters. The main winds blow from the western quadrants: the trade winds mitigate the summer heat; from autumn to spring, the west wind and the south-west wind cause the heaviest downpours, whereas the north-west wind can blow rather impetuously in any season. 
For a few weeks between December and February, the eastern currents help to produce clear weather, with cold nights and sunny days, which are called the "secche di gennaio" (the January dry spell) and are almost a prelude to summer, right in the middle of winter.
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